Why Crossover
We’re a co-living housing provider for students and young professionals from all over the world.
Whether you are a student, travelling to the city, or a local who wants to gain a broader perspective by living with a diverse group of ambitious people, we can help you secure comfortable and timeless co-living options.
Don’t worry about being tied into a year-long contract, or finding a new roommate yourself. If you make a change to your initial reservation, just let us know at least 30 days in advance and rent will be charged 30 days after notification until last day of that month. Don’t worry about broker fees, key fees or fees to the landlord. No need to hassle with utilities every month or finding a new roommate when one moves out - we take care of all that!
No negotiation about the basics like cleaning - we have uniform standards for cleanliness, organization, and overnight guests. No need to worry about buying furniture and taking care of basic amenities. Our homes are specially designed for co-living by our in-house interior designer and monthly basic supplies like toilet paper are provided by our house managers!
1) Growing Our Alumni Community:
We don’t require membership fees to maximize our profits. Instead, our focus is on growing our alumni community. We believe that our services and fair pricing speak for themselves among our guests. Our alumni posted 200+ reviews in 2019. What’s more, 75% of the reviews gave us five stars and 97% awarded more than four stars. Our alumni community spans the globe with 74 unique nationalities, and it has been expanding mostly by word of mouth. We look forward to serving all our new guests: our alumni of tomorrow.

2) Transparency. One All-Inclusive Price. That’s What We’re About:
There’s no math required. The price for our one-month minimum stay is simple and fair, no matter how long you stay with us. Our one-month price is already competitive (averaging $1,100 to $1,500, with 90% of our 150 rooms under $1,650 per month), compared to others’ discounted prices for three- to six-month stays. In 2019, 30%+ of our customers extended their original stay by a few months. There’s really no substitute for an all-inclusive co-living environment, with a furnished private room, that’s ready for you on day one.

3) Increasing Value for the Local Property Industry:
We provide co-living communities for our guests by helping property owners draw more value from under-managed residential properties. We care about our customer community, of course, but we’re also excited about uniting property owners, vendors, and our team on one digital platform.

4) Privacy Is the Priority:
There are no required social events. Our priority is providing privacy, a quiet environment, and security for all our guests. Our team will take care of cleaning the common spaces every week, so that our kitchen/dining areas are always comfortable. But if you want to expand your network or social circle, our office at WeWork offers you day/after-work communities. We just moved our headquarters to the newest WeWork offices in Long Island City, which is easily accessible by all subway lines.

5) 10 Years Perfecting the Co-Living Mindset:
Our founder started this business in his apartment after he couldn’t find appropriately priced accommodation for his first three months in New York. But our whole team has experienced co-living firsthand, so we understand what the customer feels and will need next. “We live and breathe co-living: first as roommates, and now serving our co-living guests.”

6) A Sustainable Business Model in the Sharing Economy:
We won’t invest in luxury buildings like hotels or event spaces. We rent existing empty apartments and townhouses from the owners, put IKEA-type furniture in, and list the clean rooms on multiple digital platforms. We grow by our operational profit base, which comes from guests being charged fair prices and the revenue owners receive. However, what drives our growth is not the number of rooms, but our deep understanding of how to care for guests and rooms 24/7, and the intangible value within them.

7) Our Vision - Making Dreams Come True:
CrossOver’s goal is to help our guests achieve their goals and dreams by providing the most affordable and flexible housing environment available. But it doesn’t stop here. Our guests’ dreams are expanding to a variety of locations around the globe, and CrossOver will be right there with them—powering the dreams of residents, landlords, and our staff in the wider world.
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